Application for Use of STETH Space

Any member of the association who is interested in using the association’s space, in order to obtain approval and the access code to the space, should download the following PDF, sign it, and send it to The Board of Directors, after receiving the email, will contact the member to grant them access.

Rules of use.pdf


Rules for using the STETH space:

A) I ensure that the space remains in a better condition than I found it. I clean up and remove my trash. I do not smoke inside the space.

B) When leaving, I turn off lights, heating, and any other electrical appliances that are not needed.

C) When leaving, I check if I am the last person, lock the door, and return the key to its place.

D) I do not communicate the access code of the space to anyone, for any reason. If I become aware of such an action, I immediately inform the Board of Directors of the association.

E) If I notice anything abnormal / damage / destruction, I inform the Board of Directors of the association. If the space accommodates individuals who are not members of the association without the accompaniment of a member, I immediately inform the Board of Directors.

F) Upon entering the space, I enter the text “είσοδος” (entrance) or “login” in the #steth-doorlog channel on Alternatively, I write my full name, date, and time of key collection in the logbook located in the association. The same applies if I bring a guest to the space.

G) I use the space according to the current health protocols (each applicable Government Gazette). I sanitize the surfaces/keyboard that I use.

H) I agree that I will not use the space without completing a 10-day quarantine if at least one of the following applies: a) I have been diagnosed with Covid-19, b) I have had close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19. In both cases, a PCR or rapid antigen test is required before entering the association. I agree to inform the Board of Directors of the association as soon as I develop symptoms of Covid-19 if I have visited the space within the last 14 days. I avoid using the space until recovery and obtaining a negative PCR or rapid test. Responsible for COVID information: Panos Doukas (6981-333525), Stathis Grigoriadis (6948-787477).