Thrace Technology Association wants to thank the joint venture SPIECAPAG – AKTOR

for sponsoring our association in computers, furniture and technology equipment.

About Spiecapag: Spiecapag implements complex projects involving land pipelines (with a diameter of up to 60 inches) and related infrastructures such as stations for compression, pumping or metering, and hydrocarbon storage, as well as networks for water supply or transport of ores.

Thrace Technology Association would like to thank Infolex SA for the kind sponsorship of a Lexmark MC2425adw multifunction color printer.

About Infolex: Infolex S.A. was founded in 1991 and is the only company in Greece 100% focused on providing document management solutions. It is the official representative of Lexmark, Ringdale and Bottomline Technologies in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Albania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia. For more information visit the company’s web site www.infolex.gr.

About Lexmark: Lexmark develops, manufactures, and provides software, hardware, and services products for businesses that eliminate inadequate processes of individual information systems and processes that are unable to communicate with one another due to incompatibility or inability to integrate. In this way, it helps business people access the information they need at the right time. Explore the features at www.lexmark.com.