Long before the establishment of the Association in 2010, a group called Open Meetings IT Evros was formed by concerned technology enthusiasts with the aim of creating collaborations for the development of new projects or the improvement of existing ones. With an open mind and a free spirit, through many meetings, the foundations were laid for acquaintance, friendship, respect, mutual appreciation, and, of course, the promotion of knowledge and cooperation.

The Open Meetings group, purely through voluntary efforts, organized various events for the public or technology enthusiasts in the area.

Open Meetings Tsipouro OMITEOpen Meetings Tsipouro OMITEOpen Meetings Tsipouro OMITEOpen Meetings Tsipouro OMITEOpen Meetings Tsipouro OMITE

Open Meeting Security Discussion 8-11-2011 at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace

In early 2017, after an open call to acquaintances and friends, the discussion about the establishment of an association began. The purpose was to create an organized entity that could achieve much more, always driven by the willingness to contribute to the group and society. Thus, on May 14, 2017 (the day Alexandroupoli celebrates its liberation and incorporation into the national body), the articles of the association were completed, and the necessary founding members were identified. An interim board of directors was appointed, and the necessary documents for the establishment of the association were submitted. Official operation began on September 22, 2017.

Through several meetings and activities (see the YouTube channel and the Facebook page), the association started its activities first in Alexandroupoli and established collaborations with other cities in Thrace. On November 19, the first board of directors was elected for a two-year term.