What the association offers to the public, to friends, and to its members

The Thrace Technology Association (STETH) welcomes all technology enthusiasts.. The purpose of the association is to promote technology in the local community, gradually ushering it into the era of pioneering and innovation. This effort is made in collaboration with local authorities, businesses, organizations, and the university, with an outward-looking and unyielding enthusiasm. We welcome anyone who wants to get to know us as a friend or to assist as a member, sharing a bit of their positive energy with us!

The association is its people.

Based on socialization, mutual aid, and knowledge dissemination, we have evolved from a group of tech enthusiasts into an active community, but we have never lost our cool. So, don’t hesitate to approach us to learn from us (and us from you).. STETH is a space for the exchange of experiences, opinions, and practical advice on technology, the production and dissemination of open-source software and data, mentoring, and connecting members to the job market through entrepreneurship. Our constantly growing circle is rich in expertise and knowledge. We now have a consulting role at the local government level and write and publish press releases on current technological issues that concern the wider public. Our members cover a wide range of technological subjects and experiences. In our ranks, you will find programmers, electronics experts, aeronautical engineers, professors, students, and even friends of music technology and electronic gaming!

For the general public, the association organizes seminars, workshops, LAN parties, technological events, and continuous online “brownbags” presentations with specialized speakers that lead to interesting open discussions. We also maintain an active presence on social media , , as well as this website where we publish articles, press releases , announcements, videos of our presentations, and more. We invite anyone interested in technology (without discrimination) to join our community! Our projects (e.g., the award-winning environmental station of the Municipality and the under-development system for reverse vehicle flow detection, aim to improve the daily lives and quality of life for our fellow citizens (and beyond), primarily designed using open-source software to which anyone can contribute from a distance. We are not a closed club, and we don’t use any wooden language.

In addition to the general public, the friends of the association (those who have left their contact information so we can communicate with them personally) can also get to know our space, see our equipment, start participating in a project, and receive newsletters and announcements. They can also follow technological discussions online in the association’s chat, which includes a special channel where we post technology-related job openings.

Of course, the people who run and actively support the association have additional privileges. Besides the right to vote in general assemblies and board elections, they can use the space and equipment (e.g., computers, cloud, electronic bench, projector, printer/scanner, sound system, greenscreen for special presentations, etc.). These privileges will increase further with our equipment expansion; we are aiming to acquire Raspberry Pi and 3D printers. Members also have the opportunity to participate in interesting technological discussions in the association’s chat, write articles on the website, participate in collective projects, and represent STETH in local organizations as part of relevant initiatives. Members are also provided with career mentoring (from other association members) who are entrepreneurs or experienced professionals in companies and organizations to improve their practical business capabilities or career prospects. Finally, after the recognition of the association as a non-profit organization by Microsoft, we are discussing how the privileges already granted to us through the relevant program can also benefit our members.

In addition to outward-facing activities, we plan to equip the space and start open days for the public, where, for example, someone can bring their child to explore the space, or people with technological interests can approach us for advice or to get to know us. After all, this is usually how the spark of creativity begins! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions , through social media 👇 or the 📧 contact form..