Purpose & goals

The purposes and goals of the organization are non-profit and specifically include social, charitable, humanitarian, ecological, nature-loving, and cultural aspects, which are detailed as follows:

  • Promoting science, technology, communications, and education, research, and collaboration with other organizations and individuals.
  • Highlighting and defending the individual and/or collective work of its members in new technologies and promoting young scientists and innovation.
  • Functioning transparently as an advisory and/or supervisory body on technology issues, providing scientific opinions and contributing to private or public entities.
  • Serving as a nexus between the job market and aspiring scientists, members, or friends, while offering guidance and supervision services (mentoring) and facilitating the exchange of experiences, opinions, information, and practical advice among members.
  • Disseminating and producing free software.
  • Promoting justice among its members and advocating for democracy, pluralism, and objectivity.

The organization and its actions are based on principles of integrity, honesty, respect for the dignity of our fellow human beings, regardless of their social, moral, political, economic, and professional levels, religion, or any other form of discrimination, and are implemented with the principles of volunteerism.